Web Design

Byte Digital have been a provider of professional web sites for over fifteen years. With an experienced web development team that aims to provide both visibly impressive and simple to use web sites, the benefits are many. Web development is not restricted to web sites, companies desiring a single portal for internal staff communication or central document management will benefit from an enhanced intranet solution.

Gusto Cycling

Cycling Information site

Inspire Performance

New Website Design using Joomla!

Forward Pay

Payroll and accountancy website

Recruitment Company Website

Weatherhead Tankering

CMS website in wordpress

Internet Solutions

The internet can be an excellent way to advertise products and services. As such we can promote your company through the development of unique and appealing websites. Byte Digital’s websites are specifically designed to be targeted by internet search engines. Companies can take advantage of the advertising benefits coming from high volumes of users visiting their sites. Unlike other websites content can be maintained by the owners of the website not the people creating the website. Simple tools are provided to allow day to day web content to be uploaded easily.

Intranet Solutions

An intranet is commonly referred to as an internal web or private internet. An intranet provides employees with a common access point to company resources and information in a secure environment. Every business deals with information and needs to reduce staff down time by improving company communication and effectively using available technology. An intranet promotes the move from paper based to electronic document management with a central access point for all employees. Byte Digital can provide an out of the box package or custom solution designed to meet any requirement.